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Graduation Gift Guide - 2018

It’s Graduation season and we have the perfect gift to give your newest graduate of any age! We picked four of our favorite belts, for men and women, that would suit your graduate perfectly and show them that their hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

For the College-bound Student

Women: Lucky Ladybug Belt ($150)

Wish her luck as she embarks on her new and exciting journey to college! With a ladybug on her at all times, she’s guaranteed to succeed.

Men: Dark Brown Suede Belt ($100)

College is a time to reinvent yourself, so let him reinvent his look! With the Dark Brown Suede belt, people will turn heads all over his college campus.  

For the Honors Student

Women: Queen Bee Belt  ($150)

Treat her like a queen for all of her amazing accomplishments. The Queen Bee Belt is a perfect way to show her how extraordinary she is.  

Men: The Black Lightning Belt ($125)

With Straight A’s, nothing can stop him; he’s as bold as lightning!

For the Newly Employed Student

Women: Smooth Silver Belt ($125)

It’s time to get serious. Your graduate can show up at her new job, looking sleek and sophisticated, with the Smooth Silver belt!

Men: Black Pebbled Leather Belt ($100)

An everyday belt is necessary when you’re a working man. Wear the Black Pebbled Leather Belt to the office and you will be promoted in no time!

For the Student Excited for Summer Break

Women: Wheat Bow Belt ($125)

The Wheat Bow belt will become her summer essential. It’s trendy, light and perfect for whatever her summer plans might be.

Men: Cognac Smooth Leather Belt ($100)

This Cognac Smooth Leather belt is both eye-catching and unique, and the bright color is sure to brighten up his summer!

For the Student Who Still has More School

Women: Lucky Elephant Belt ($150)

Wish her luck as she strives for another degree! The Lucky Elephant belt is the perfect Graduate School send-off gift.

Men: Chocolate Brown Smooth Leather Belt ($100)

This Chocolate Brown Smooth Leather belt is perfect for your future lawyer or doctor. No matter what degree he’s looking to get, this belt will give him the confidence to succeed.

Contributor: Madison Sheinker

  • June 13, 2018
  • Allison Floam