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Luxury Designer Belt Styles for Less

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to look and feel amazing. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite belt styles from expensive designer brands like Gucci and Prada. We will show you how to participate in these trends with our timeless pieces without breaking the bank. Plus, you'll never have to worry about our belts going out of style.

1. If you like the Gucci Queen Margaret Belt ($480)

You will LOVE our Queen Bee Belt ($125).

It looks awesome in any of our black leathers or even bright red and is less than half the price. The Queen Bee Buckle comes in silver and gold providing you with versatility. 

2) If you’re eyeing the Gucci Tiger Belt ($590)

Go for our Wild Panther Belt ($140).


It looks great in any of our black leathers or metallic silver. An added bonus: for $80 more, you can mix and match with another strap!

3) If the Gucci Snakeskin Belt is calling your name ($980)

Check out our Snake Eyes Belt ($140-165).

It is edgy yet sophisticated like the Gucci Snakeskin Belt but for significantly less. Each Snake Eyes Buckle is adorned with Swarovski green crystal eyes and is guaranteed to turn heads. You can pair this buckle with genuine italian snakeskin for $165 or any of our other leathers for only $140, over an 85% discount for a similar look!

4) If you’re digging the Prada Red Bow Belt ($355)

The Wheat Bow Belt ($125) is a must have.


Classic, chic and a statement-maker, the Wheat Bow Belt is a great alternative to Prada’s Red Bow belt for a fraction of the price. The Wheat Bow comes in a lot of fun colors -- for only $80 more you can also have it in black or cobalt.

5) If you’re looking for an everyday belt like the Gucci Dionysus Belt…($390)

You’ll love the versatility of our Croc Belt ($125).

The Croc Belt is way less money for a similar look while maintaining excellent quality standards. In fact, you can get this belt in four different colors for less than the price of the Gucci belt.


  • September 06, 2017
  • Allison Floam